The Importance Of Regular Dental Checkups

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The Importance Of Regular Dental Checkups

Many people have a misconception that following a proper oral routine at home is all you need to keep your teeth well in place. Unfortunately, this is not true. How much ever you try taking care of your teeth...

Many people have a misconception that following a proper oral routine at home is all you need to keep your teeth well in place. Unfortunately, this is not true. How much ever you try taking care of your teeth, the minor food particles stuck in between your teeth can only be removed by a dentist through deep cleaning in a dental clinic. Dental checkups and teeth cleaning at least once every six months are essential in oral health care and are crucial in ensuring a healthier oral cavity. Regular dental checkups also help spot the onset of oral conditions in the early stages itself, thus helping avoid expensive and complicated treatments in the future.

What would be included in a routine dental consultation?

  • Oral cleaning:When you visit us for the teeth cleaning procedure, we perform oral cleaning by scaling and root planing, which are done using an ultrasonic hand-held scaling device. The device has a thin metal tip that vibrates at ultrasonic frequencies, which displaces the tartar deposits from the teeth. The dislodged debris is washed away using water. Root planing comprises inserting the device's scaling tip between the gums and tooth roots to remove the adhered plaque and tartar. The process can be slightly painful; hence, we will administer local anesthesia before commencing the procedure. To prevent tooth decay, cavities, and oral conditions like gingivitis, periodontitis, halitosis, etc., removing the adhered plaque and tartar from the teeth and tooth roots is highly essential. 
  • Gum evaluation:To maintain a healthy and aesthetically pleasing mouth, properly taking care of the gums is just as important as teeth care. During your dental checkup at our dental office, we will examine your gums thoroughly. If we suspect the onset of any infection or gum diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis, we will prescribe suitable treatment, which may involve removal of adhered tartar, extraction of the decayed tissues, placing medication in the gum pockets, etc.
  • Orthodontic treatment: Having beautiful, aligned teeth can make your smile look aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. The alignment of the teeth also influences the ease and effectiveness of cleaning your teeth. If you have crooked or misaligned teeth, we will suggest you get dental braces, and during your dental checkups, we will monitor them regularly and check for tightness of the wires. This allows the braces to apply uniform pressure on the teeth. Also, we will check the progress of the treatment and if the teeth are being moved to their right positions.
  • Preventive treatment: Preventive dentistry focuses on preventing dental diseases even before they occur. Some of the preventive treatment techniques include salivary diagnosis, cavity prevention, oral cancer treatment, dental sealants, etc.

In addition to these, the dentist may also provide dental restorations and other standard services based on the requirement.

Benefits of regular dental checkups and dental cleaning 

  • It helps to keep plaque, gum diseases, teeth sensitivity, cavities, tooth decay, and other dental problems at bay.
  • It helps in detecting any dental problems just when they start.
  • During your dental visits for a dental cleaning, our dentist examines each part of your mouth. This helps in checking any infection from spreading to adjacent teeth. 
  • Detecting dental issues on time will help ensure that your natural teeth are saved from complete decay.
  • Usually, a fluoride solution is used during the deep cleaning process. It helps strengthen your teeth and guards them against any bacteria attack.

Routine dental care at our office identifies minor dental issues from the beginning and prevents them from becoming severe, leading to bigger issues. This will help avoid the need for complicated procedures such as root canal treatments and tooth extractions. So, schedule an appointment with the dentist today.