Have Missing Teeth? You Should Consider Dental Implants

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Have Missing Teeth? You Should Consider Dental Implants

Dental implants have a high long-term success rate for replacing missing teeth. They also feel and look natural. Read on to learn why you should consider implants to complete your smile.

Dental implants offer an alternative to dentures and bridges for people with missing teeth. They are permanent, sturdy, and natural-looking. 

At the office of Mohsena Ahmad D.D.S., FICOI, DICOI, located in San Jose, California, Dr. Ahmad has the experience to restore your smile with dental implants. Here’s why you should consider them as a way to replace missing teeth. 

About dental implants

Dental implants are artificial replacement teeth. They are surgically inserted into your jawbone to replicate a missing tooth root. New bone grows around the implanted rod to secure your new tooth. A crown attaches to the implant to act and look like a natural tooth. 

Dental implants are popular. In fact, about 3 million Americans have chosen them as an option to complete their smile. 

The benefits of dental implants

Implants offer numerous advantages, both in terms of aesthetics and dental health. Here’s why we recommend them for qualified candidates:

Natural smile

The crown that attaches to the implant is made from porcelain — a hard and tooth-colored material. We create the crown to match your natural teeth, so it blends in and looks completely natural.


Your tooth implant is as strong as your natural teeth. You can eat all of the same foods with an implant that you could enjoy with your natural teeth. You don’t have to worry about altering your diet as you do when you use dentures to replace missing teeth. 

Better fit

Implants feel more comfortable because they’re a permanent part of your mouth. They also don’t slip or click when you talk, eat, laugh, or kiss the way dentures or bridges might. People won’t even know you have replacement teeth!

Jaw health and attractiveness

Dental implants stimulate your jawbone, so you don’t lose supporting bone structure. You’ll avoid the unattractive puckering or distortion of your face that can occur as a result of having missing teeth.

Easy oral hygiene

You care for dental implants just like you do your natural teeth. There’s no daily removal, soaking, or special solutions involved. Optimal dental hygiene, like regular brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings, help your implants last. 

The process of getting implants

Once you and Dr. Ahmad determine that dental implants are right for you, she uses advanced software and digital imaging to plan your implant shape and placement. 

On the day of your surgery, you’ll receive numbing medication for the treatment area She’ll place the implant into the bone at a precise angle. 

Dr. Ahmad may place a temporary crown before you go home to heal. It takes several months for the bone tissue to fuse to the implanted post. Once the fusion is complete, you return to the office to receive your permanent crown. 

If you have missing teeth, implants are a superior way to restore your smile. Our team can help you determine if implants are right for you. Call the San Jose, California, office today or use the online tool to schedule your first consultation.